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Chemung County Rod & Gun Club is located on Lattabrook Road, Breesport, NY

Phone: (607) 796-9090

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 338 Breesport, NY 14816

When calling the Club, you will get an answering machine, please leave a messege and someone will return your call in a timely manner.

Membership Applications can be picked up at:

Scott's Gun and Accessories 304 Watkins Rd  Horseheads NY 14845 (607)-846-3646

Zeigler Florists - 31 Old Ithaca Rd. Horseheads, NY 14845                (607) 739-3579


Membership applications and membership information can also be obtain through Don Zeigler by calling 607-215-9913


Or feel free to print the following form, fill it out completely and mail to the address listed below .

                           Chemung County Rod & Gun Club


                                       MEMBERSHIP FORM


Number of years                                                             Todays Date

Membership Type:(Please circle one)

  • Regular 60.00
  • Senior (65+) 35 .00
  • Junior (17-) 25.00

Is this membership a:(Please circle one)

  • New
  • Renewal
  • Extended*>>>This Form Must Be Filled Out COMPLETELY Including your FULL Legal Name And Birthdate As It Appears On Your Drivers License Or Hunting License<<<

FULL NAME ________________________________________________

                   First                                    MI                               Last




City                                                      State             ZIP                          

Phone (           )                                  FAX (         )

Birth Date :_____________________       Total Amount Enclosed: $______________

Please circle if any of the following apply:

  • Add one dollar donation for NYS Conservation Council
  • If you are currently an NRA Member

       Senior rate applies for membership in qualifying year  

                Form revised June 2018

Mail to : Chemung County Rod and Gun Club Inc.     

                       PO Box 112 Horseheads, NY 14845 



Below are names and contact information of other important members.

Mike Sheahan (Club President) 607-739-5396

Wade Smith (2nd Vice President) 607-767-1127

Don Zeigler (Membership) 607-215-9913

Don McIlwain Jr. (Rifle & Pistol)

Bill Wood (5 stand)

Ken Andrus  (Shooting preserve)






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