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Chemung County Rod and Gun Club is one of the oldest clubs in the Twin Tiers. The club was formed in 1928 by a group of sportsmen who gathered for fellowship, shooting and story telling.

In the early 1950s the Club became more formalized in its organization and began a period of expansion of both its facilities and activities. Those efforts continue today.

The club has a membership of nearly 600. It owns 300-plus acres of land that continues to be used for a wide range of member activities .

Club Facilities

- Main Clubhouse

- Skeet House, Two Skeet Fields, One Trap Field & One 5-Stand

-Rifle Ranges and Shelters

-3-D Archery Course and Field Course

-Shooting Preserve Club House and Pheasant Pens

Main Club grounds cover approximately 160 acres.

Shooting Preserve Grounds covers approximately 160 acres.


Fish Ponds

The Club has 3 ponds: The Rifle Range Pond, The Trap Field Pond and the Shooting Field Pond. Catch and release fishing. The use of barbless hooks is requested.

A pail is wired to a tree at the Rifle Range Pond with fish food. Be sure to check the calendar to see when the fish were last fed. If you feed them, mark the calendar. A donation in the coffee can to help purchase food would be appreciated.

All ponds are stocked with Bass and Catfish.


Club Hats & Shirts

Chemung County Rod & Gun Club hats, tee shirts and sweat shirts are for sale to Club members.



Small & Big Game Hunting

Club lands are available to Members for hunting. Appropriate hunting licenses are required. Orange hat and vest required except during archery and turkey seasons.


New shooters are always welcome and members are encouraged to bring guest shooters to the club.

Dues & Activities Charges  

All prices are subject to change.

Annual Dues are due upon receipt of invoice at the end of each year for the following year.

Skeet & Trap shooting costs 4.00 per round

5 stand costs 4.00 per round of 25 birds

Rifle/Pistol indoor range is .00 per night

Indoor Archery fee is .00 per night


Club Firearm Safety Rules

Eye & Ear protection is Required.

The safety of shooters, field personnel and spectators is of primary importance and requires continuous attention and self-discipline. The following are some basic safety precautions to be observed, but a complete list of safety regulations are posted at the Skeet House.

1, No gun is to be loaded in the chamber or magazine and the breach is to be left open, until the shooter is on the shooting station.

2. A loaded gun is never to be pointed at anyone or any object except the intended target.

3, When shooters are on a station and there is a delay, such as a problem with the equipment, all guns will be unloaded.

4. The loading of more than two shells in the gun on the Skeet Field shall not be allowed at anytime.

5. The Club has scheduled events throughout the year that result in certain areas of the Club being closed to general membership use during the event. This is for the safety of members and guests.




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